Calling all who love creativity! The AR/VR Africa Metathon is an expanded program built around our flagship hackathon - the AR/VR Africa Hackathon, and includes an XR training and bootcamp.

What is the AR/VR Africa Metathon?

The AR/VR Africa Metathon is a bigger and grander event with three key components. Participants will have the opportunity to receive pre-hackathon training, build solutions in the hackathon, and the winning teams proceed to a bootcamp to develop their solutions into MVPs. It is a fun, fast-paced, challenging and yet highly rewarding event where everyone is welcome to learn, build with and develop in XR


Your XR, Your Way!


Teams are required to create solutions in the following verticals: Education, Healthcare, Tourism, Social Impact and Business Applications; with a wildcard option for a non-conforming brilliant solution. Teams' solutions may address one or more verticals. We chose these focus areas because we believe they represent some of the most challenging problems and opportunities on the continent (and the world). Join us!


The AR/VR Africa Metathon has three key events

The Pre-hackathon Training

Registration for the 2022 AR/VR Metathon starts on August 22nd and anyone on the African continent can register to be part of the online learning community. Upon registration, you join the discord server. Here you will have access to learning materials on ARCore, WebVR and Unity 3D, etc. There will be instructors to provide guided training, while industry experts provide mentorship, and facilitate masterclasses and workshops.

Hackathon - ARVR Africa

The AR/VR Africa Hackathon

This year’s hackathon will be a hybrid event. The online hackathon will hold from November 26th - 30th, 2022 for participants in African countries without country partners. These participants will hack their solutions in a group known as ‘Africa Online’. The two-day offline hackathon will hold in 16 African countries (Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Egypt, Kenya, Cameroon, Tunisia, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Namibia, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Ethiopia). Each country will have a country partner and team, who will oversee the planning and ensure the success of the Hackathon in their zone. The Hackathon will hold for 48 hours from 5 pm on 2nd December 2022 - 5 pm on 4th December 2022. After this, winners will be announced and prizes distributed at all levels and the 2022 Hackathon will come to an official close.

AR/VR Africa Bootcamp

The first place winners from each country/country group will have an opportunity to join the AR/VR Africa Bootcamp where they will be educated on business by industry leaders, provided financial and technical support to build their MVPs and pitch their XR products or services to investors. The Bootcamp will commence on January 16th, 2023 and will run until April 3rd, 2023. The Demo day is scheduled for April 5th, 2023.



Here are the important dates to keep in mind for all aspiring participants. Registration starts on August 22nd and is open to everyone on the African continent. The Pre-hackathon training will commence on September 5th and last till November 20th. The Online Hackathon will hold from November 26th - 30th, 2022 while the In-person Hackathon will hold from December 2nd to 4th, 2022. The Bootcamp will commence on 16th January 2023, with Demo day on 5th April, 2023. Register now!

Important Dates - ARVR Africa


The AR/VR Africa Metathon comes with more benefits. For each country, there is a total of $3000 prize money which will be split among 1st ($1500), 2nd ($800) and 3rd ($700) positions as described. The Overall winners of the Hackathon will be chosen from the 1st place winners from each country/country group. The top 3 solutions will receive $10,000, $8,000 and $7,000 respectively. And beyond the prizes at the hackathon, the teams joining the bootcamp will receive fundsand technical support to build their winning solutions into MVPs and present them to investors. So here, you get exposed to a continent-wide community of AR/VR Africa Enthusiasts, experts and Investors. We are super excited about AR/VR Africa Metathon and hope to see what you build. We hope you are excited too. Register now

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