Hackathon 2018



About the AR/VR Africa Hackathon

Calling all who love creativity, innovation and learning! The AR/VR Hackathon is an opportunity to learn about Augmented and Virtual Reality and other immersive technologies, meet new people, and get hands-on experience with AR/VR design and development.

What is an AR/VR Hackathon

A hackathon is a fun, fast paced, strenuous, yet highly rewarding event where developers/coders, designers, strategists, and enthusiasts come together to work on project ideas and win prizes. The hackathon will  focus on the rapidly evolving technologies of Augmented and Virtual Reality. It isn’t just about technology. It’s also about design, creation, and problem solving. If you have an interest in art, graphics, 3D modelling, film, education, sound design, game design, or business, you will enjoy the AR/VR hackathon.


The theme for this year's hackathon is " Creating the Future ".

Teams are required to create solutions in the following verticals. Education, Healthcare, Tourism, Climate and Social Justice .  Teams solutions may address one or more verticals. We chose these focus areas because we believe they represent some of the most challenging problems and opportunities on the continent (and the world). Join us!


The hackathon will hold in 7 African countries (Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Egypt, Kenya, Cameroon and Tunisia).

Each country will have a country partner and team, who will oversee the planning and ensure the success of the Hackathon in their zone. The Hackathon will hold for 48 hours from 5pm on 20th April, 2018 - 5pm on 22nd April, 2018.


If you are thinking of participating in the hackathon, here are all the important dates. You and your team will have to submit your application by the deadline. No submissions will be accepted after the deadline.

When you do, keep your finger crossed while we review your awesome idea. We will send participation confirmation on 2nd April. Apply now


Hackathons come with benefits, and we've got some for you

For each country there is a total of $2000 prize money which will be split among 1st ($1000), 2nd ($600) and 3rd ($400) positions as described.All participants on a team will receive free Private Github repos for one year, we've also got Unite Europe event tickets for 2 exceptional hackers.

After all these, you get exposed to a continent wide community of AR/VR Africa Enthusiasts, experts and Investors. We are super excited about this Hackathon and hope to see what you build. We hope you are excited too. Apply now

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