Know Your Hackathon Status


Know Your Hackathon Status

Know Your Hackathon Status

Now you know how your team will participate in the hackathon. Congratulations! 

If your team will be hacking virtually, Click here to know how you will participate in the Online Hackathon. 

Is your team hacking in person in any of our 16 locations in Africa? Find information on the in-person hackathon below:

In-Person Hackathon





The In-person hackathon will take place in different locations in 16 countries across Africa where we have country partners and will hold simultaneously across these 16 locations from 2nd - 4th December 2022.

In-Person Hackathon





Teams that can participate in any of the in-person hackathons include the following:

  1. All team members reside in a city where the in-person hackathon will take place.
  2. All team members reside in the same country with one or more team members present in the city where the hackathon would take place.

Hackathon Cities

Check the list below for the cities and countries where the in-person hackathon will hold. If your team will participate in the in-person hackathon, ensure you register your team in the country where you will hack. 

Country Partner      Hackathon City      Register here
Cameroon      Douala 
Cote d’Ivoire      Abidjan
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)      Goma
Egypt      Cairo
Ethiopia      Addis Ababa
Ghana      Accra
Kenya      Nairobi 
Mozambique      Maputo
Namibia      Windhoek
Nigeria      Lagos
Rwanda      Kigali
Senegal      Dakar
South Africa      Johannesburg
Tanzania      Dar es Salaam
Tunisia      Tunis
Uganda      Kampala

 Now you are ready to hack! Good luck!